What began as the applied research arm for the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) has become CATTworks. We are made up of transportation engineers dedicated to solving our nation’s mobility and accessibility issues.

CATTwork’s focus is researching high risk, high reward projects. One of our first project was the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project (VPP). In 2008, vehicle probe data was mature to the point where the data could be used for operations applications such as feeding traveler information systems and supporting traffic management centers. Initially, probe data had been procured individual by separate jurisdictions. Through the effort of what is now CATTworks and the I-95 Corridor Coalition, jurisdictions purchased data together through the University of Maryland. This allowed for more competitive pricing and with a ground-breaking data use agreement, the right to share data with other jurisdictions opting into VPP. The VPP data can be accessed and utilized using CATT Lab’s RITIS and VPP-suite tools. In 2013, CATTworks and the I-95 Corridor Coalition initiated the second chapter of VPP with VPP2. VPP2 has all the great features of VPP with even better data quality, lower prices, and two data providers. Please visit the VPP2 on the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s website.