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Listed below are members of the CATTworks faculty (listed alphabetically by last name). Each name is linked to their email.

444.JPGEshragh, Sepideh, Ph.D.

Phone: 301.405.8192

Maryland State Highway Mobility Report, Validation of Arterial Probe Data, Freight Fluidity for Maryland State Highway

Research Interests: Traffic Operation & Safety, Network Modeling, Performance Measurement, Emergency Evacuation, Optimization and Simulation, Intelligent Transportation System

SadabadiFarokhi Sadabadi, Kaveh, Ph.D.
Phone: 301.405.1352

Guidance on Quantifying Benefits of Traffic Incident Management Strategies (NCHRP 03-108); Local Methods for Modeling, Economic Evaluation, Justification and Use of the Value of Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Decision Making (SHRP2 L-35B); Mobility Performance Measure Development and Reporting Support; Work Zone Performance Measure Development/Reporting Based on INRIX™ Data; Impact of Weather and Incidents on Travel Time Reliability; Implementation of SHRP2 Reliability Data and Analysis Tools in Maryland (SHRP2 L-38); Highway Segmentation and Referencing System Matching for Performance Measurement; Baltimore-Washington Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Pilot

Research Interests: Intelligent Tranportation Systems (ITS); Vehicular Traffic Operations, Sensing, Data Collection, Performance Measurement and Monitoring; Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in Transnportation: Connected & Automated Vehicles; Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning and Visualization; Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics; Dynamic Traffic Flow Modeling, Estimation, and Control; Transportation Systems Optimization and Logistics

MarkFranz, Mark, Ph.D.
Phone: 301.314.0422

Development of Metrics for Bottleneck Ranking, Visualization Techniques for Traffic Bottlenecks, Development of Trajectory Data Based Analysis Tools, Evaluation of Waze Data for Enhancing Traffic Network Situational Awareness, Planning Model Output Utilization Through Visualizations

Research Interests: ITS, Data Visualization, Traffic Safety, Incident Mangement, System Performance Measures, Data Driven Decision Support



Sekuła, Przemek, Ph.D.


Volume Estimation, Trajectory Data Analysis, Video Analytics

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence



Sharifi, Elham, Ph.D.

VPPII, Validation of Arterial Probe Data,
Winter Weather Road Restoration Time

Research Interests: Transportation Network Modeling, Emergency Response, Dynamic Fleet Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems



Vander Laan, Zach

Macroscopic traffic model development for I-95 corridor, Video Analytics,  Travel time estimation using Wi-Fi Re-identification technology

Research Interests: ITS, Big Data/Analytics in transportation, Visualization, Transportation demand modeling, Re-identification technology, public transportation,  Machine learning applications in transportation, Traffic modeling

YoungYoung, Stan, Ph.D.

Validation of Arterial Probe Data; Traffic Message Channel codes – use and adequacy for I95 Corridor Coalition

Research Interests: Automated/Connected Vehicles;  Automated Mobility; Peformance Measures; Probe Data; Re-identification data; Arterial Performance Measures

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