MD Mobility Report

Mobility is a key performance area (KPA) at the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA). The goal is to “Support Maryland’s Economy and Communities with Reliable Movement of People and Goods”. UMD CATT develops SHA system’s (including freeways, arterials, and major freight corridors) mobility performance measures. Ever since 2012, these efforts have been highlighted in annual Maryland State Highway Mobility Reports. This report identifies successes, challenges, and strategies being utilized to improve the transportation services SHA and MDTA delivers to Marylanders and the traveling public. What makes this comprehensive view possible is the unprecedented use of data provided by the private sector and supplemented with State resources. The analysis methodology is consistent with that adopted by the annual national Urban Mobility Report. Presentation and reporting of congestion and reliability measures are closely coordinated with the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPOs) to ensure regional consistency in measure definition and reporting.

Final reports:

2014 Maryland Mobility-Report
2013 Maryland Mobility Report                                                        2012_MD-Mobility-Report