Work Zone Performance Measure Development

Reporting Based on INRIX™ Data

Final report on this and other relevant case studies:

Planned construction projects contribute to both recurrent and non-recurrent congestion. Work zones also have significant implications in terms of traffic safety. In this project, a comprehensive set of work zone performance measures are proposed. These measures cover the key exposure, safety, and mobility performance areas. The exposure measures require access to volume and site-specific data, while safety measures are based on crash and incident data. Mobility related performance measures (the main focus of this work) are primarily based on speed data. Mobility measures are further divided into the delay and queuing subgroups. Mobility performance measures are defined and equations to calculate them are provided. Using speed data a real-time work zone monitoring system is proposed to alert stakeholders about the build-up and propagation of congestion in the work zone. An archival speed dataset is used to report the proposed measures for seven different work zones on I-70, I-795, and I-97 in Maryland.

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